Don’t forget your business cards – darn it!

This subject was not intended to be my first blog design post but I really want to share this story about the importance of networking and never leaving home without your business cards.

I harper on and on to business associates that I know and love about always having your cards on you as you never know who, when or where you’re going to meet your next potential client or customer.

Sometimes I don’t practice what I preach!

Last month I went to a family festival in Jubilee Park, Enfield. Took the kids with me and the hubby but left them to play football whilst I wandered around the park with my camera.


I sat back watching these guys filming and interviewing the festival goers. I get talking to the dreadlocked guy Omar and ask him what they’re doing there. He tells me that his company is Niburu Media and that him and his team are working alongside the Enfield Festivals team. I think they briefly interview me but for the life of me, I can’t remember!


The festival is a two day event and as it was so superb the first day, I have to go the second day as well. I see Omar again. He’s taking a photo with his iphone.

“That’s a bit of a come down from the camera you had yesterday isn’t it?” I shout out to him. He turns around, remembers that he saw me yesterday and comes over. He asks me what else I do apart from photography. I tell him that I’m a graphic designer first and foremost. He looks incredulous and really pleased at the same time. He tells me that I may just be able to help him out. Turns out that his usual designer is sunning himself in the Carribbean and he needs a designer desperately.

‘Do you have a business card?’

Er…no… I say. Kicking myself. What am I like? Mrs preacher girl has no damn business cards on her. I generally don’t network when I’m out with the kids but it’s so darn important to have a business card or two wherever you go. And I do mean wherever.

It just so happens that he doesn’t have any business cards either! So we swap details by adding them directly into our smart phones.

We get in contact the following week and the job he needs help with is designing flyers and a banner for the Ponders End festivals happening later on this month. It runs over two days. Day one is the Mela festival and day two is based on family fun.

I knew that Ponders End Park features a band stand and I knew that I wanted to include it in the designs. I visit the park to take some photos of the bandstand so that I have an excellent visual for illustration purposes (although truth be told it was getting late and the light was fading – fast). The lettering on the flyers features Asian influenced patterns inside them. And the illustrations give an idea of the activities available on day two. Two festivals were therefore brought together into one cohesive design.


All in all not having my business cards wasn’t disastrous this time and it all worked out extremely well in the end. But come on guys. It doesn’t take much to put a few cards in your purse or wallet.

So what have I learnt from this? Practice what I preach! And I’ve now put some of my cards in all my bags.