Happy new year

New website

My new website is finally up and running!

I started updating it in September 2013. And now finally, in January 2014 it’s here. A website wouldn’t generally take me this long to put together but what with other work commitments, my own work was relegated to the bottom of the pile. They say that a busy plumber always has a leaking tap. I totally get that. My work has the lowest priority but it was time to move it to the top. I was finding that my portfolio wasn’t getting updated and my blog had died a death with only one post being written in the past five months due to not wanting to direct people to an external blog that wasn’t part of my website. I’m now really pleased that I can stop whingeing about it.

So here it is. In all it’s beautiful glory. I’ve put a lot of my work up so that you can really get a feel for my design style. My skillset covers a broad range. Design, photography and book design being the main staple diet of my business. But I also do illustration and digital work.

Please come back often to see my work as I shall be updating regularly.