Photo of Kareen Cox standing on the colourful crossing in edmonton green designed by Kareen Cox

Portraits of DIversity

Back in July 2020, I was asked to contribute some art for one of the pedestrian crossings that would be appearing at five points around the borough of Enfield by Enfield Council. Mine would be positioned in Edmonton Green. The brief for the crossing was to reflect the diversity of the area. Coming from a print background, I knew that the design couldn’t be too complicated but wanted to get the ethnic diversity across in the illustration. Silhouettes would have been the obvious choice but I find them a bit old hat so instead I chose to draw facial outlines that overlapped into the patterns. The result is blocks of vibrant colour and lines which reflects community spirit.

colourful photo of the crossing in edmonton green designed by Kareen Cox

Pedestrian crossing featuring vibrant colours of patterns and portraits designed by Kareen Cox