Book Design

Forget flowers! Say it with a book.

• What do you give a person who has everything?
• Do you have a special somebody that you would like to surprise with a beautiful bespoke gift?
• Do you have a book in you? It's said that everyone does.

A book can tell a thousand words with just pictures. I specialise in designing bespoke and personalised photobooks for individuals and organisations. They also make perfect gifts for loved ones. The finished product will be a professionally bound book. Hard cover or soft cover options are available. The possibilities are endless.

Have a look at the list on the right for a few book ideas.

It might also be beneficial to read through the frequently asked book design questions.

Book ideas

• Wedding: yours or a friend/family member
• Travel: honeymoon, gap year, family holiday
• Baby’s first years: from pregnancy to the big bad world
• Recipes: say goodbye to scrappy bits of paper
• School year books
• Autobiographies
• Anniversary celebrations

Book Portfolio

Below is a small selection of books that I've had the pleasure of putting together.

Birthday Gift

I've had the pleasure of designing a lot of surprise birthday gift books. And the comments that come back from people having received one are amazing. Receiving a gift of this type always puts a smile on the face of not only the receiver, but also the person who organises it. Now that's what I call job satisfaction.

Baby/Child book

A superb way to remember all those miraculous moments in a child's life. Their first bath, smile, taste of solid food. Their first steps. Loosing their first tooth. Going to school! A book where everything is kept in it's place in the right order. Add text, headlines, captions. Personalise it - it's yours.

It's not just for immediate family though. Why not add another copy for the grandparents?


We've all been guilty of letting our holiday snaps languish in a hidden box – never to be seen again. With social media, things have changed with lots of us sharing our travel memories with friends and family. But what if you're not on facebook, instagram or flickr? The alternative is to produce a book of all your memories that the entire family can enjoy.