Graphic Design

Logos and Branding

What makes a good logo? There are so many factors to look at when designing a logo. Typeface, colour, emblem... I could go on. Research is key. That's why when designing a logo, I always look at the competition as no one wants to have a similar logo to a competitor. It's important to be unique. You don't want your customers confusing you with someone else!

Branding though is so much more than just a logo. It's not about just putting a logo on a leaflet and saying, 'there it's branded'. It's about the colours that are used. It's about specifying certain fonts. Sometimes using a limited colour palette. It could go so far as defining that the logo has to be positioned, for example, in the top right hand corner of all publications. It's about someone picking up a leaflet and knowing instantly who the business is before they even see the logo. Branding a business isn't for the faint hearted. There's a lot of thought that goes into making it work across various spectrums.

Logos for The Old Enfield Charitable Trust and Enfield MarketHamilton chase estate agents logo. Colours are purple, red, ochre and stoneThe Ideas Station: Business workshops for womenKingMaddielili LogoPod Academy logoEast: Pan Asian Restaurant logo

Brochures and leaflets

Make a statement by marketing your business or organisation professionally with a brochure. It allows you to get your message across about your product or service in such a way that posters or leaflets can't do. You can explain in more detail in the knowledge that your customers can take your brochure away with them and read through or reference at their own leisure.

A beautifully designed brochure can actually gain you new clients as it will reflect well on your professionalism. Poor design can have the opposite effect. But I won't just design your brochure for you, I can also advise on paper stock and obtain print prices for you. This element can sometimes be overlooked but is a really important factor. Who wants to print on toilet paper? 60gsm anyone? Don't get me wrong, this type of paper has it's place. But if you're a Harley Street doctor, promoting your services – this definitely won't cut the mustard.

tessa Steven health and beauty brochureHeron Hall secondary school academy brochure designMerrill Legal Solutions brochureThe Depot Brassierie restaurant brochure designWarped art catalogue brochure designBalisier organic cosmetics brochure leaflet branding designRezone sports therapy brochure design

Posters and Flyers

Posters and flyers have to be eyecatching as you only have a short amount of time to draw people's attention. The less amount of text – the better. Imagery and typography should be strong as these samples illustrate.

With flyers, the front should draw the eye, whilst the back can contain the more detailed information.

Poster with a red, white and blue, graphic celebrating the queens 90th birthdayRomford ice skating poster and a market advert stating that stall holders are wanted.Two posters. One showing and illustration of a busker in the market house another one showing customer rewards with the Droplet app

Merchandise and Packaging

This area covers a multitude of things. From packaging to gift vouchers, to bags and mugs.