Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?
North London. But don't let that put you off if you're based in the south, or in Scotland or even abroad. It's really not an issue.

How much do you charge?
Honestly? It may sound a little cliche but, how long is a piece of string? There are so many factors that are looked at when putting together a cost estimate. Projects are therefore quoted on a job by job basis.

Who are your clients?
SMEs, large corporations, the public sector and schools. I also work with the general public when producing the books.

What services do you offer?
Graphic design for print, photography, illustration and digital graphics. Please take a look through my portfolio for an extensive look at the type of things that I can do for you.

What information do you need in order to produce a cost?
I ask a lot of questions in order to ensure that I produce something that will fit the purpose of the brief. This really is an open ended question and can't really be answered fully in the space that I have. What I can say though is that I tailor the information that I need to the business that needs the design done.

Is the price quoted the final price?
It's really important to try and get everything right first time. Make sure that the text that you supply has been checked for grammar and spelling. I have formed close relationships with copyrighters so if this is not your strength, I can commission someone to do this professionally. I can research images for you but if you want to provide any then ensure that this is done at the outset of your project as adding in just one extra image may mean that I have to redesign pages. I do try and stick to my estimate but this is not always possible if there are multiple changes beyond my control. Prices quoted generally include two sets of amends.

Can you organise print?
Certainly. I don't actually print anything myself but I can give advice on things such as what paper is best to print your product on, colour specifications and special print finishes. I do have contacts with printers but if there's someone that you'd prefer to use then that's fine as well. I can liaise directly with them or provide you with a high resolution pdf for you to send on to them.

Do we need to meet face to face?
Not necessarily. I have produced books for people in America solely via email and the same goes for logos. Doing things in this way saves time and reduces costs for both parties. Sometimes it is however beneficial to meet up – especially if you want to rebrand your business. I think it's important to gain an excellent relationship with a client on a face to face basis. Equally it's important to get a flavour of how a business works and this can only be experienced first hand at a businesses premises.

What's the process for logo design?
All businesses requesting logo quotations are asked to fill in a design brief which will cover questions such as; Who is your target market? Who are your competitors? What brands do you like? What brands do you dislike? Amongst other things. Be prepared to do a bit of homework! This will then be followed up with a telephone call or a meeting to fully discuss your requirements. A contract will need to be signed. Don't panic though, it's as much for me as it is for you. It just sets out in really simple terms what is expected of me as a business and you the buyer. Please note that all new clients will need to put down a deposit.

Is producing a logo the same as producing a brand?
A resounding no! One of these days (soon I hope) I will write a blog about this. In simple terms, a logo is a mark for a business or organisation. It will say the company's name and may include an emblem and/or a slogan. Simply put, a brand is all encompassing. It will almost certainly include the logo but it will go a lot further than that. A brand generally (but not always) has a limited colour palette, only uses certain fonts, has a design style, the logo may be positioned in the exact same place on all publications. The aim of creating a brand is so that the business is recognisable to not only its customers but also to the general public. It aids the business in giving it an identity. When people create a logo, it is just that – a logo, that sits by itself. Guidelines are not always included in how the logo should be utilised.

If you can't see your question answered here, please email me directly.

Book Design questions

How much do you charge?
Design costs depend on a number of factors. How many images do you have? How much text will be included in the book? Are there captions to go alongst images? Please include as much information as you can when asking for a book quotation.

Can I supply my own images?
Certainly. A book is usually a personal project although I do sometimes work on books for businesses.

Do you scan images?
Yes I do. Images are charged at £2 per scan.

Do you retouch my images?
As standard, I do general retouching on all images supplied such as brightness, contrast levels and reducing red eye. If you require extensive retouching then I can do this as well.

Where do you get your books printed?
Most of my books are printed via Please visit their site to check their book sizes and prices. My design costs do not include printing and postage costs. Please note that the school yearbooks that I do are not printed at Blurb.

If I want to order more than one book can I do so?

Will I be able to see the design before you complete it?
I will design between 2-4 pages and email a pdf over to you. Once you've seen it and you're happy, I will then steamroll ahead with putting together the entire book. I will email you a low resolution pdf for checking before it goes to print.

Are you able to organise ISBNs?
I'm unable to do this at present. But may offer this service in the future.

Is the price quoted the final price?
It's really important to try and get it right first time. Make sure that your text is final - and not draft text. Provide all the images that you want to be included in the book at the outset as adding in just one extra image may mean that I have to include an extra page which can, in turn, change the entire layout of the book and will increase my cost to you. Prices quoted generally include two sets of fairly minor amends. Extra sets of amends will be charged at around £30 per set.

How can I get all the images and text over to you?
Please do not email large amounts of images over. This will take too long on your part and will slow me down drastically. Instead use a website such as to send over large files. Alternatively register for a free account. Here you'll be able create a folder, copy your files into it and then share that folder with me. Easy peasy.

If you can't see your question answered here, please email me directly.