One Love Exhibition

Sometimes you really need to ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. Or so the saying goes by the book of the same name. I decided to have a small exhibition of some of my art. Some was based on my portraiture illustration and some on my typography. I just couldn’t decide which route to go down so why choose? I decided to go for both.

The Exhibition was held at pop up arts centre: The Culture Palace based in Enfield Palace Exchange Shopping Centre. It was on for a week and although selling my art wasn’t the main focus, I did actually manage to sell a few of them.

I also had a private viewing on Thursday 12 May and invited a few family members, friends and business colleagues. I was nervous. I organised it at the last minute as it’s not in my nature to be the centre of attention. But I’m very pleased to say that it all went very well. I could do this again. But not yet. Here’s a few images of the event.

Posing for photos
The displays of framed art
Some of the framed art at the exhibiton
The Front to Back letters of 6 and 9
Naturalista Sista 2.0
‘One Love’ and ‘The Woodland’
Some of the guests
Just goes to show that art is for everyone!

You can view more of my art on my instagram account or you can purchase some of my art at my etsy shop.